my mission

I believe therapy can hold the key to processing the suffering that life brings. Often when there is trauma, change or transitions in life it can cause feelings of helplessness, confusion and despair. I believe processing these events and how they are connected to your thoughts, feelings and actions can bring about self-insight and healing. My approach is client centered and strength based utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy and cognitive processing therapy. My goal is to walk alongside you and facilitate a safe place for you to engage with the work of untethering yourself to the things that no longer serve you and moving into a space of restoration and health. 

I know that starting therapy can be nerve wracking and takes
an enormous amount of courage. I consider it my great privilege to collaborate
with you during your therapeutic journey. Beginning the tender work of
treatment can often cause an increase in difficult emotions and symptoms.
However, I will be with you every step of the way, working with you to create a
plan towards increased mental wellbeing and engagement in self-care outside of
sessions. Assisting you in your journey toward positive change is my top
priority and truly an honor.